Playfulness, because face it; life is work. We’re about what comes after all the work.

Style, Olin's photography is modern and editorial, we will create the perfect art to decorate your walls.

Fun. And not just ‘ha ha’ fun; we’re talking smiles you honestly can’t contain.

The essence of your pet's personality, the one you can’t quite put into words.

Heirloom quality products that you’re proud to display in your home for years to come.
Customer service that exceeds our own persnickety expectations (and trust us; we’re pretty persnickety).  

In a nutshell, we utterly and solemly believe in:


After your session, we will meet at our studio, and we’ll gently guide you through the process of choosing just the right portraiture products for you. This is everyone's favorite part!

It’s here we’re the most excited, because you finally see the finished product right before your eyes as we decide how to best display your photographs as art in your home. It’s true concierge-level service. . . with a personal touch. 


We’ll meet, either at my light, bright studio or at a location we’ve discussed in advance and the seriously fun work begins.

Expect lots of playing with your pet. The more hijinks and shenanigans, the better. In fact, pet parents might even have more fun than the fur kids, and that’s okay, too.

I love animals – seriously. Wait until you hear how many I've had, from monkeys to dogs.  



You’ll contact us using our website or email and then chat over the phone with Donna as we try to get to know you and your pet better and we will schedule your session and what you envision your end photography products to look like. We will then determine if an outdoor or indoor session would be best for you and your pet.

Donna will then send you an online contract and we will be sending you more tips on getting your dog ready. After that, we just wait excitedly for your session!

It's time for your pet's portrait session

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It's time to capture the bond between you and your pet and authentically document your love. Trust our studio to be there for you to tell the story of your family.

I consider photographing your pet's End of Life session an honor that I will never forget. A pet is an important and unforgettable part of your family. At the end of the journey, I feel that it is important to acknowledge and memorialize your love in a dignified and beautiful way. Our memories sometimes fade over time, having photographs gives you tangible memories.

Having lost loved fur kids myself, I understand personally the importance of having photographs towards the end of our pets lives. The photographs of my pets at the end of the road as they are older or terminally ill have greatly helped me in my grieving process and navigate the mourning process after we say our goodbyes and makes me smile and melts my heart when I needed it. 

End of Life sessions are a truly irreplaceable tribute to your pet as your savor the last loving moments between your family and your pet. We have loved endlessly and the love will always last. It's now time to proudly display your memories for years to come and we are humbled to have the privilege to document your love. 

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